Renold has been advancing chain technology ever since Hans Renold invented the first roller chain in 1878. As a result of more than 100 years of innovation, Renold Chains outperform and outlast the competition in nearly every industry imaginable.

Transmission Chains

Whatever your working environment or chain requirement, Renold has the chain for you.
Renold designs and manufactures high performance transmission chain that is focused on the key areas of wear resistance and fatigue resistance.

Conveyor Chains

The performance of Renold Conveyor Chain is ensured by a programme of continuous testing and quality control of component dimensions, fits and material properties. Specially formulated lubricants reduce initial wear; provide corrosion protection and long storage life.

Engineered Chain

Covering a wide range of products to suit specialised applications, these solutions often use a mix of high specification materials and treatment processes to meet the demands of the particular application.

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