Engineered Chains

Engineered Chain:

Renold Crofts is an international group delivering high precision engineered and power transmission products to a versatile range of industries and contexts. With a superior standard of innovation, design and manufacturing skills, one of our core products includes Engineered Chains.

Renold Crofts offers a multitude of industrial chains of different pitches for various applications. This includes the adapted transmission chain, hollow bearing pin chain, nickel plated chain, and cranked link chains as well as extended pitch chains. The working load capability differs for each individual chain.

An additional product specification of the chains that Renold Crofts has to offer predominantly focuses on the key areas of wear and tear resistance as well as fatigue resistance.

An illustrative product offering includes Renold Premium with end-softened pin with spin rivet and solid bush and roller. An additional standard duty chain application includes the economy chain with the engineering experience of Renold. 

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Engineered Chains

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