Renold offers the widest selection of high quality couplings supplied by any manufacturer worldwide, consisting of a range of rigid and flexible industrial couplings, Hi-Tec rubberin-compression torsion flexible couplings, fluid couplings, sprag clutches and Ajax custom gear spindles.

Industrial Rigid and Flexible Couplings

Comprehensive range of shaft couplings including pin and buffer, spider, disc, chain and gear types available – the widest range from a single source.

Rubber-in-compression couplings

Heavy duty industrial couplings providing exceptional protection against severe shock load and vibration with a maximum torque of 6000kNm.

Fluid Couplings

Fluid hydraulic soft-start couplings available in various sizes and types up to 700kW (950HP) capacity.

Ajax Spindles

Renold Ajax has been supplying spindles for rolling mill applications for over 50 years.

Sprag Clutches and Brakes

A Sprag Clutch is a freewheel device having an inner race, and an outer race either of which can be the input or output member.

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