Industrial Rigid and Flexible Couplings


Single and double arrangement, standard and heavy duty series types up to 60,000KW (80,000HP) capacity and shaft sizes over 700mm.

  • AGMA standard – interchangeable and cost effective.
  • Crowned and barrelled teeth for optimum contact and long life.

Crown Pin:

An established maintenance free neoprene rubber pin/buffer coupling, offering extended power capacity where the demand for long life and simplicity of construction make it suitable for working in shock load and arduous conditions.

  • Maximum power @ 100RPM 2611kW and Maximum torque 249400Nm.
Crown Pin

Spider Wrap

A medium power, torsional-flexible coupling, combining shock-absorbing and misalignment capacity, used in the widest range of industries and applications. Maximum power @100RPM – 33kW.
  • Maintenance free - minimum number of wearing parts.
  • Misalignment capabilities allowing flexibility in installation.
  • Jaw wrap allows external wrap fitting of elastomeric element.
  • Cost effective - offering low cost product with a high-quality design.
  • Jaw wrap ensures machinery downtime kept to a minimum so ensuring continued process.
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with other Spider Jaw couplings - Lovejoy, Browning & Fenner.
  • Compact design - small, with high torque capacity.

Disc Flex

A general purpose, fail-safe, torsional flexible coupling offering the option of either urethane or a reinforced rubber flexible disc element. Maximum power @100RPM – 45kW.

Chain Flex

An all metal, flexible, yet torsional stiff coupling, suitable for use in arduous working conditions. Maximum power @100RPM – 90kW.

Spider Wrap Couplings
Disc Flex

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