Helical Gears


Helical / Bevel Helical

Heavy Duty and Bespoke Helical/ Bevel Helical Gear units:

Recently upgraded design; state of the art heavy duty helical units using hardened
and ground gears throughout, in single, double and triple reduction configuration in 10 standard sizes.

  • Available in various ratios and torque up to 315kNm.
  • Highly durable long-life design for use in various, high torque demand applications.
  • Available in horizontal and vertical mount applications.
  • Design with additional strength output shaft bearings to operate in vertical mount applications.
  • Heavy duty output shaft designed for extreme radial forces presented during agitation and mixing applications.
  • Capacity to transmit motion and power between either parallel or right angle shafts.
  • Used to change the direction of shaft rotation.

Typcal Applications

  • Conveyor drives, mills, crushers etc.
  • Agitators and mixers.
  • Cooling towers and rotating tables etc.

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